1. SEA :: CarelessCity Discursive @ 3rd & Pike; Seattle. ( 🎶Jealous (I Ain’t With It) - Chromeo)

  2. SEA :: Did you know that Greg LeMond is considered to be the last American to win the Tour de France? Currently reading: The Greg LeMond Story. #bayani #bicycling #books (at Cafe Umbria)

  3. SEA :: Champs-Élysées
    #CarelessCity (at Eastlake Neighborhood)

  4. SEA :: Watching the Tour de France w/ Vanessa.com & Robert. (at Café Presse)

  5. HNL :: The Japanese René Magritte
    strikes again. The treachery of images continues. “The Treachery of Images was painted when Magritte was 30 years old. The picture shows a pipe. Below it, Magritte painted, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” French for “This is not a pipe.” The painting is not a pipe, but rather an image of a pipe, This masterpiece of Surrealism creates a three-way [That’s what she said! -ed.] paradox out of the conventional notion that objects correspond to words and images.”

  6. HNL :: omfg. The bomb dot com #pinkhairdontcare! I wish I’d seen her face. I’ll never know her.

  7. HNL in MN :: careless city

  8. HNL ::

  9. HNL in MN :: This photo was my dad’s idea. Thanks dad.

  10. HNL in MN :: what do you lichen this to?