1. It’s nice out!!! Add some kuluh to your day! | #streetstyle #fashion #color #ootd #seattle

  2. SEA :: retail ng gubat [photo]synthesis.

  3. SEA :: lunch walk wilderness @ downtown & Free People.

    One of my favorite things in life is to walk & listen to music.. @HNL, what is one of your favorite hobbies right now?

  4. "#peoplewalkingpastwalls #photoinspiration. With regards to #Taupe-scale… I was just @ Target & there is the most amazing Taupe nailpolish by Essie. I wore taupe fishnets today. Tomorrow is Labor Day shopping! I’m wearing cobalt blue geometric fishnets w/ blue shoes, a peach BCBG dress, with a black lace turtleneck underneath, & a black blazer. I need to paint my nails tan, curl my hair & wear it in a chignon. There is a new song out by Grimes. It’s okay. I learned a new tagalog word: Hanngang sa uutlini. See u next time. I shopped w/ an artist today who creates modern frescos & loves Robert Rauschenberg . She makes really textured interior paintings, but uses graphic prints so they are modern. She was wearing a palette of blue. I enjoyed discussing the attitudes & vibes of Free People boot socks & which would be particularly complimentary 4 her navy attire. We rejected a “dark & stormy” charcoal black boot sock. I am currently educating a man, via email on hosiery. He’s one of my best customers. He wants to become an expert. I write him emails regarding hosiery product knowledge. His favorite is Walford. Our German couture hosiery brand. He has no budget. Hosiery Everday: The Tao of Hosiery. #retaillyfe"
    — SEA
  5. HNL :: [photo]synthesis

    @HNL, extraordinary. Very creative way to portray a unique aspect of Hawaii; thru it’s flora.
  6. 💦☔️☁️💧Knitwear Shower | #drippy #rain #seattle #streetart #streetstyle #💦👕☔️☁️ (at Free People Seattle)

  7. HNL :: surfers and body surfers talking shit at point panic

  8. SEA :: #beigescale X #caturday

  9. SEA :: Plaid Party F/W 14

  10. My Feng Shui Bok Choy X PAX
    video gamers | #graffiti #art #seattle #tags (at NiteLite Bar & Lounge)